Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning.

The quality of upholstery cleaning London expects.

As you might expect, the quality of upholstery cleaning London homeowners and business operators expect is particularly high, and EF Cleaning specialises in providing a professional, dependable and cost-effective service capable of meeting these expectations.

Upholstery cleaning homeowners can trust.

Wherever your home is in London, and whether you occupy a flat or house that you own, or rent the accommodation, it is advisable to have the upholstery in your home cleaned on a regular basis. Armchairs, sofas, cushions and even padded chair seats and headboards all stain on their surfaces, becoming unsightly and unhygienic. Upholstery items like these can also, however, harbour a huge amount of dust, mites and other airborne irritants that may aggravate both respiratory and skin conditions.

By cleaning these items every 6 months or so, using the appropriate professional equipment and cleaning solvents, you can remove all traces of these hidden irritants and restore your upholstery to its clean, bright and fresh condition, also enhancing its visual appeal within your décor.

EF Cleaning uses powerful professional equipment designed for careful domestic use and operated by fully trained staff, along with the highest quality materials and solvents, ensuring that your upholstery is cleaned effectively and safely.

Contract  upholstery cleaning London businesses can rely on.

If you run a business in London, EF Cleaning can provide regular or ad-hoc cleaning of the upholstery in your premises. This includes seating in reception areas and meeting rooms as well as upholstered office chair pads.

Eradicating dust and other irritants by professional cleaning is as important in the workplace as at home. As well as keeping your chairs, sofas and other seating looking clean, bright and new, regular cleaning will also contribute to keeping your workplace a healthy environment free from allergies and other complaints that can lead to absences.

Upholstery stain removal experts in London.

We provide an expert service for the treatment and removal of localised stains on upholstery items.

The success of stain removal will always depend on the age and nature of the stain, as well as on the composition of the upholstery fabric, but we are always willing to assess difficultly stained upholstery and to give an opinion on the likelihood of successful removal.

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