The Clean Serviced Apartment

Why are we at EF Cleaning Services the best cleaning problem solvers in London?

The Clean Serviced ApartmentWhat makes our service professional, reliable, superb, high-level? We revive your curtains, blinds, carpets, laundry, bed linens, toiletries, beds, and that’s not all. We know how!

We know the quickest way to get rid of the dust, and how to use the brush against your belongings. We perform when we do the windows, clean the kitchen and make it presentable. That includes cleaning the sink, the tap, and the application of adequate cleaning products. We also clean the tiles, the stove, the front of the oven, cabinets doors and handles, the inside of drawers. Your personal items such as expensive pictures on the walls will not be damaged. We touch your place with gloves.

Really, we at EF Cleaning Services are the cleaning super power. We wash, we dry, we polish, we know when to use a sponge and a cloth. Holding two cloths in our hands we are ready to  clean and to dry until it starts shining.

We know creative people create a creative mess in their places…we respect their creativity, but we are here to sort out the mess. Did the dog leave footprints on the way to the bathroom? The traces will be erased! If you live into a serviced apartment, you probably work long hours and have no time for cleaning.

Let us at EF Cleaning Service do your cleaning checklist instead of you. That will certainly happen before your guests have arrived.