School Cleaning

School Cleaning.

The kind of high quality school cleaning London schools need.

EF Cleaning provides the high quality school cleaning London schools expect when awarding their cleaning contracts.

Whether you operate a small private London nursery school , or are charged with facilities management for a large secondary school in the state sector, EF Cleaning has the experience and resources needed to take over your cleaning contract and provide comprehensive cleaning services for every part of your requirement.

Regular school cleaning in London

Wherever in London your school site or sites are located, EF Cleaning can provide the services you need to keep the buildings, grounds and outbuildings clean, serviceable and hygienic.

Our aim is to understand the unique requirements of each school and to provide a schedule of both regular (daily, weekly and monthly) services, as well as of works that need carrying out only intermittently. We are of course fully conversant with the timetabling pattern requirements of school cleaning.

As a routine part of cleaning your school premises, we can also log and report damage and repairs so that these may be acted on by your maintenance team.

The services we provide include ensuring that rubbish is regularly removed from your sites, in addition to taking care of the daily schedule of works required to keep a busy school with many hundreds of pupils operating safely and in a pleasant environment.

In addition to washing down hard floors, windows, surfaces and paintwork to an agreed schedule, we will also remove all waste each day, ensure the cleanliness of all food preparation and consumption areas, look after the cleanliness and hygiene of washrooms, and can provide cleaning for special facilities such as IT and science laboratories.

We can maintain supplies of luxury toilet paper, air freshener, hand sanitizing gel, dishwasher tablets and luxury cream soap throughout, as required.

Ad hoc school cleaning for London schools.

If your school is undergoing an inspection, opening its doors to prospective parents or holding an open day of any kind, we can provide one-off cleaning to ensure that your buildings look their very best when it most matters.

This service is often a particularly sound investment for a school, and we believe that when working with a school on a one-off basis we are able to produce a higher standard of finish that might have been obtained simply by asking the regular cleaning contract holder to ensure the state of the buildings for an important event.

Call us today to discuss school cleaning.

If you operate a school of any kind in London, or are responsible for the management of school facilities in London, and would like to talk to us about your cleaning requirements and arrange for us to tender or to provide a free quote, call us today.

You can reach us 24/7 on 0207 537 1077 or