How to keep your carpets looking like new?

A few useful tips provided by EF Cleaning Services

carpets-cleaningThe carpet that you have just installed in your home looks so good that you wish you could have it that way forever. As anything else, carpets require also regular maintenance and proper care to prolong their life and keep them in a good appearance.

With our simple and easy to follow tips you can achieve that with ease.

  • In order to reduce to a minimum the amount of dirt dragged into your house, you can simply put indoor and outdoor mats at each entrance of your home. Make sure you clean them regularly, as they can get dirty very quickly and become a source of grime themselves. Moreover, if you intend to undertake any repairs or improvements in your property, it is recommended to use floor runner protectors to cover the carpeted areas.
  • A huge amount of the dirt in your house comes in on our shoes, so it is really a good idea to get used to taking off your shoes before entering your home. If being shoeless is something that you don’t feel comfortable with, you can always use slippers that you should not wear outside.
  • Vacuum your carpets frequently and thoroughly once or twice per week. If you let the soil particles pile up inside the carpet it will be very difficult to remove them and respectively they will engender the premature wear of the carpet. The major of the soil is not visible for a naked eye and can seriously damage the carpet fibers. Regular cleaning prevents the occurrence of any potential problems with your carpet.
  • When you spill a drink on the floor, treat the area immediately but never do rubbing as the spot could become a permanent stain. What you need to do is wiping out the excess of any spill using kitchen paper or clean white towel until you are sure the spot is removed. If the spot didn’t come up, it is a good idea to have always at hand a spot remover that is recommended by your carpet manufacturer or by a professional carper cleaner. We advise you not to use foam cleaners or other cleaning products that are not designed exclusively for carpets.
  • It is a well known fact that carpets store dust mites and allergens that might lead to serious health problems for people suffering from asthma. For that reason many families take advantage of professional carpet cleaning performed by experienced and trained workers once or twice per year. Cleaning companies use special equipment and eco-friendly products to give a deep clean of carpets and return their immaculate appearance. After the carpet cleaning process carpeted areas will not only be cleaned to perfection but also this will create healthier and more comfortable living environment.