Communal Area Cleaning

Communal Area Cleaning

Communal area cleaning property managers can rely on.

The kind of communal area cleaning London property managers contact EF Cleaning for covers communal parts of both residential and commercial buildings and developments.

Communal area cleaning is vital not only to maintain the good appearance of the property, but also to protect the health and wellbeing of those living or working there. Whether communal areas are indoors, outdoors or semi-outdoors, their lack of ownership by any one tenant leads to inevitable neglect.

Because of this, fittings in communal areas such as handrails, door handles and entry pads, intercom buttons and other, similar items rapidly become a breeding ground for bacteria. The same is true, of course, of interior communal areas, with reception area seating, and reception area washrooms, frequently hotbeds of bio-contamination.

Regular contract communal area cleaning for buildings in London.

EF Cleaning has huge experience in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of  the communal areas in commercial and residential buildings throughout London.

We can clean forecourts, courtyards, reception and lobby areas, stairwells and stairs, landings, storage areas and washrooms, as well as higher specification shared facilities such as shared meeting rooms, viewing facilities, eating areas and kitchens.

We will accept contracts to clean on a daily (and nightly), weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule, ensuring that on each clean all specified tasks are diligently completed. We can also, as a matter of course, log all work and provide you with detailed records of what has been carried out on each visit. These may be of particular value where costs of communal area cleaning are re-billed to tenants.

As with all our contract cleaning, we work to the highest standards, using appropriate and high quality equipment and materials, along with the complete care and security of your site.

Maintenance reporting during London communal area cleaning.

Cleaners carrying our contract communal area cleaning are frequently better placed, and certainly may be depended on rather more, than tenants to report fittings, fixtures or equipment in communal areas which has developed faults or requires repair.

As part of our contract for communal area cleaning, we can undertake such reporting on a continual or intermittent basis, liaising directly with building managers or site maintenance teams or supplying reports as agreed at executive level.

Ad hoc communal area cleaning.

If you need cleaning carried out to communal areas on an ad hoc basis (for example to prepare a large lobby for a public event, or to tidy up following an open day, we will be happy to do this for you, fitting in with your precise requirement specifications.

Call us today to discuss communal area cleaning.

Whatever your requirement for communal area cleaning in London, call us today to discuss how we can help and to receive a free quote.

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