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The most complete carpet cleaning London has on offer.

When you need carpet cleaning London has a huge number of contractors you can contact for a quote. With EF Cleaning, however, you’re assured not only of highly competitive pricing, but also of cleaning and stain removal carried out to the very highest standards.

Whether you need to clean fitted or loose carpets in your own home, or require contract cleaning of carpets in your workplace, we have the expertise and equipment required to complete the work swiftly and cost effectively, leaving your carpets free of stains, odours and general soiling, as well as the kind of mites and other microscopic contaminations that lie deeply embedded within the pile of your carpets, and which may not be neutralised or removed by inferior cleaning.

Carpet cleaning – private homes.

If you own or rent a house or flat that needs carpet cleaning London again has lots of companies you can obtain quotes from, but EF Cleaning provides a combination of quality and competitive pricing that you’ll find impossible to beat.

Domestic carpets usually require cleaning every 6-12 months, depending on where they are located and the level of wear they endure. Hallway carpets, especially if they receive family, visitors and pets coming straight in off the street, are likely to require cleaning at least every six months while carpets in bedroom, for example, may need less frequent attention.

While the colouration and pattern of your carpets will affect how easily visible staining is to the naked eye, they will have little bearing on the amount of dirt the pile is actually holding. Certain types of carpet, however, may soil more readily, or give up their dirt less willingly to simple vacuum cleaning, and this will have a bearing on the interval at which you should have your carpets cleaned professionally.

You should remember when thinking of calling EF Cleaning about domestic carpet cleaning in London, that dust mites and related micro-organisms that are often concealed in carpets can aggravate skin and breathing irritations, and that thorough and regular cleaning will frequently relieve these significantly.

In all situations, we take great care when assessing your carpets to ensure that they are in a suitable condition to withstand cleaning, and to select the cleaning process and solvents that will deliver the best possible results and avoid any risk of colour runs.

Carpet cleaning – offices and shops.

If your London office or retail premises has carpeting that requires ad hoc or regular contract cleaning, EF Cleaning can take care of this for you.

We are experienced in the care and cleaning of all kinds of commercial and contract carpeting, including the removal of heavy staining from high traffic areas.

We use appropriate, high quality solvents, equipment and processes on all cleaning, and can carry out overnight, weekend or precisely scheduled carpet cleans to ensure that disruption to your business is eliminated.

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