After Party Cleaning

After Party Cleaning.

The kind of after party cleaning London party throwers love

Is after party cleaning London homeowners’ favourite amongst all the cleaning services we offer at EF Cleaning? Sometimes we think so.

It’s understandable of course. Throwing a party in your home is great fun and hugely enjoyable, but the amount of clearing up that can be involved following a party in even a modest sized home is considerable. Wouldn’t it be worth a small extra cost to be able to stand back and watch as the best after party cleaners London has go to work?

Party cleaners in London.

In a matter of hours we can go through your London home after a party, returning it to its pre-party condition. We don’t just clean the reception rooms where your party was centred, either. Our expert cleaners can work their way through your whole home, tidying away and removing disposable plates and glasses, removing decorations and wrapping paper, collecting up and washing real glasses, plates and other serving ware and either repacking these or returning them to their cupboards.

They’ll remove every trace of food or mud from your carpets, and even do their best to deal with serious staining caused by, for example, wine spills.

We’ll clean the common parts of your home, like the hall and stairs where guest come in from the outside and tend to linger. We’ll clean the bathrooms which generally endure heavy use during parties, and we’ll clean the bedrooms too, if you wish, as these have often hosted happy but drunken guests rummaging for coats as they prepare to depart.

By the time we leave, your party venue home will be back to normal, and you’ll have had none of the hard work to deal with.

Teenage party clean-up in London.

If you’re handing your home over to teenagers for a party, why not have the best after party cleaning London can offer come by and clean up for you before you even come home? We’ve done this for people many times, cleaning up after a Saturday night party so that by the time the homeowners return on Sunday night, there’s not a trace of party mayhem to be seen.

Office party clean in London.

If you host regular parties in your office or workplace, or large annual events like a Christmas party  or annual summer party, EF Cleaning can move in and clean up for you, the moment your guests depart.

Even if the party doesn’t break up until midnight, leaving food, decorations and debris everywhere, we can thoroughly clean every surface, wash or vacuum floors, clean and tidy away all serving ware and have your premises ready for a normal day’s work by the time people arrive the following morning.

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If you’re throwing a party in London, either at home or at your workplace, and you’d prefer not to spoil a great time by having to clean up yourself, call us today for a free quote.

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EF Cleaning Services recommends the customers to provide all cleaning products and equipment needed for the job. We could provide the cleaning materials at additional cost, if the client require.